The real estate market in the Valley has really bounced back. If you are considering putting your home on the market, there are some smart updates that will give you a good return on your investment.

“I bought this home in 1999,” but after 20-year Lois Bunger decided to put her Glendale home on the market.

“I felt like the time was right. The market was good and it's an opportunity for me to just move forward with other investments,” said Bunger.

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But before she did, she wanted to get her home into tip-top selling condition.

“I'd like to sell something, that I would want to own myself.”

So, Bunger updated her home from top to bottom and she spent a pretty penny doing it. But if you're considering selling your home, you might want to keep things kind of simple.

“We're in a pretty strong seller's market so as long as the house is clean, priced right, it should move pretty quickly,” said long-time valley real estate agent Nate Martinez.

He says while the market is hot, you don't need to do too much to sell your home right now.

However, there are some upgrades that will usually give you the biggest return on your investment.

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“One of the best improvements to do to your home is paint it. If the house needs paint, either inside or out, you'll always get your money back on that because the house will just show so fresh,” said Martinez.

Painting is exactly what Bunger did. She also replaced old carpeting and installed new carpet and flooring.

And, if you want to go a step further re-doing your kitchen and bathrooms are huge.

“Kitchens are very important because that's where your guest see your home and that's where you function in a home,” said Martinez.

First, for the kitchen, Martinez recommends that all the appliances match. Bunger did that. She also installed all new counter tops and to save some money she painted her kitchen cabinets which gave it a fresh look.

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While the project was pricey, she's expecting to get her money back.

“This particular room sells itself and not only will they get all their money back on an investment like this, but it will cause the house to sell faster,” said Martinez.

For your bathrooms, pay attention to counter top along with the bath and shower. They don't necessarily need to be replaced but there’s a less expensive way to make them look good.

“One of the low-cost things you can do in a bathroom instead of replacing an old dated tub, is you can have it painted,” said Martinez.

Bunger went even further by updating all the faucets. She even replaced the baseboards in every room but Martinez says you don't necessarily need to do that.

Try to keep your updating simple and within your budget. Because the goal is to not only sell your home, but get the money back that you put into it.

“A quick sale obviously is the desire of every seller, but my most important thing is that someone comes in and appreciates the value,” said Bunger.

Another huge tip Martinez recommends is to unclutter your home. He says a clean and decluttered home helps sell a home.

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