Lois Bunger says she is eager to sell her Glendale home.

“It's a very good time. A quick sale obviously is the desire of every seller."

A quick and profitable sale is what she and all sellers hope for, but there are some tricks you should keep in mind when it comes to successfully unloading your home.

"It does not have to be a pricey process," said RE/MAX Professionals real estate agent Nate Martinez .

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Martinez has more than 30 years of experience and says one trick to making your home look appealing is maneuvering, adding, or eliminating certain pieces of furniture.

“One of the challenges we had was that people couldn't visualize their furniture in the house being vacant.”

For example, when it comes to a great room, furniture is key.

“You need to assemble furniture to focus in on the focal point of the room.”

The master bedroom in this vacant home may look great now, but Nate says it was empty and he had to actually move in furniture to give it a homey look. Prior to that, he said prospective buyers had difficulty visualizing just how big it actually was.

“It wasn't until we brought furniture in that you could really see the volume of this room.”

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And if your kitchen is empty, he says adding a few props and splashes of color can also make a big impact.

“So you can add decor as simple as, this or maybe some cookie jars, very inexpensive just showing a little more than a vacant cold house.”

When it comes to bathrooms, adding something as simple as colorful hand towels and a couple decorative items can really warm up a room.And as silly as it may sound, Martinez says keep the toilet lid down.

“It's probably not the best feature of the house and it's gonna take your eye away from maybe the counter tops, the large tub, you don't want to have the focal point being the toilet seat.”

As for a home's outside, just make sure it's maintained with items that make your eyes "pop."

“Color, it could be pots, it could be plants in pots or just flowers that are growing. Fresh plants, landscaping has to be impeccable. Sometimes buyers walk straight to the backyard to see if it's going to fit their family. You need to put on the ‘buyers goggles’ if you will so you want to step across the street, you want to look at your house and you want to start looking at your house as if you were a buyer. Is the hedge trim, is the grass green, are the rocks raked?”

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