(Meredith) -- The Nevada Highway Patrol discovered a totaled McLaren 720 off the road near Lake Mead Friday, and police said seatbelts saved the lives of the two people who were inside.

The $300,000 valued vehicle was found 70 yards from the road and police reported that it rolled at least one time while nearly missing a ravine.

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This is whats left of a McLaren Exotic Sports Car after a rollover in the Lake Mead Recreational Area today. Both the driver and passenger escaped serious injury because they were wearing their seatbelts. Seatbelts save lives!

- NHP Southern Command, Twitter

The McLaren is a 710 horsepower coupe, which reaches a maximum speed of around 212 miles per hour.

According to officers, neither the driver nor passenger were seriously injured.

When the vehicle was found by police, the driver and passenger were missing from the scene of the crash. After a search, officers learned that they made their way to the nearest hospital to be treated for a few scrapes and burns.

According to Fox News, the coupe was a part of a cross-country exotic car rally, which is an event for supercar owners who hold parties at each stop along the way.

A YouTube video by Daily Driven Exotics, confirm that the McLaren passengers were doing okay.