(Meredith) – A father shared a heartbreaking message on social media, hoping it would be a wake-up call for users of the potent drug fentanyl.

The message posted to Facebook on July 27 featured a photo of a small bag of powder. In the caption, Brett Gibney wrote: “This is how much fentanyl it takes to kill you!”

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“BTW… this is not fentanyl, heroin, or meth. This is my son’s ashes!!! Remember this picture the next time you want to get high!” he continued.

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Gibney’s son, Brent, was 29 years old when he ingested a lethal amount of fentanyl in October. He was in his cell at the Franklin County jail in Columbus, Ohio awaiting trial on robbery charges, WBNS reported. Brent died in a hospital, three days after guards found him unresponsive.

"Brent had three-and-a-half times the lethal dose in his system," Gibney told the station, adding that his son had struggled for years with his addiction to opioids.

The grieving father said he decided to share his son’s story to warn others.

"It's a very powerful image and we've had 21,000 shares on Facebook and we really want this message out," Brett said.

According to WBNS, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has not yet closed the investigation into Brent’s death.

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