A massive pine tree was uprooted during Wednesday night's storm, and it came crashing down on the roof of a Mesa family's home.

This happened on Emerson near Alma School Road and University Drive.

At least three of the branches pierced the ceiling of Jess Pimentel's master bedroom.

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The tree's roots also lifted the sidewalk in the air by a few feet.

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Luckily, nobody was in the room at the time the tree crashed into the roof.

One of the tree's branches pinned his pillow.

"So that could've been my head," said Pimentel. "Thank god no one was hurt here because one or more of us could've been killed by this."

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Pimentel was in his office when the tree started to fall. His six kids and the rest of the family were in other parts of their home.

"All I heard was just thunder crashing, crunching, the loudest sound like Niagara Falls inside my house," he described.

"As soon as the tree fell, we had like four holes in the roof and then the rain came after that and just unloaded right on top of our bed and all over the carpet.. and there are leaks in several places so the repair bill will be pretty big," said Pimentel.

"I'm just really sad about the tree," he added. "I know the house can get fixed but the tree has provided so much shade. The branch literally reached all the way across the street and shaded the sidewalk on the other side of the street."

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The family's tree swing is still attached to the tree but now rests on the family's front lawn.

Pimentel's 11-year-old daughter Tessa couldn't stop looking at the damage today. She thought the roots would be deeper and hold up better in a strong wind.

"It's crazy!" she exclaimed.

Now she'll no longer get to play on the tree with her brothers and sisters.

"I'm kind of sad that we don't have a swing anymore and our house will be really hot because we don't have a lot of shade," she explained.

However, the Pimentel family isn't the only family on the block bummed by the loss.

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Carol Boyle stopped by today to ask for a piece of the tree before it's all cut up and thrown away.

She watched the tree get planted 60 years ago. She was only 12 years old then.

"We (all the neighborhood kids) all decided we wanted to jump over the tree so that all our lives, when it got really big, we could say I jumped over that tree."

"This is sad for me to see this go," she reminisced. "I think this is a story I want to keep telling my kids and grandkids. It really is a symbol of this neighborhood."

Tree removal experts also stopped by the Pimentels' home today.

They estimated it would cost up to $10,000 to remove the 90-foot-tall, 25,000-pound pine tree from his yard and home.

The rest of the family's home is fine, so they don't have to find another place to stay. Most of the damage was done to the master bedroom.

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