(Meredith) -- Pampers diapers no longer feature iconic Sesame Street characters like Elmo and Big Bird -- and The New York Post reports the reason behind the change could be gender equality. Specifically, The Post questions whether the diapers may have featured too many male characters.

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Procter & Gamble, which makes Pampers has made no official announcement about removing Sesame Street characters from Pampers, but a spokeswoman for the company told The Post, "We talk to thousands of parents every year to understand how our diapers are best meeting their babies’ needs and any new trends they might be interested in. We learned there was a growing desire from Moms and Dads for modern, fresh graphics."

But a spokesperson for Sesame Street, Beatrice Chow, had a different answer. She sent an email with "details about [Pampers’] current support for our gender equality work." It linked to a press release from last year about Chamki, a female character on the Indian version of Sesame Street.

Regardless of the reason, some parents have reportedly complained about the new diapers even believing them to be fake knock-off Pampers. One mother, Susie Wong-Benjamin said her 2-month-old son leaked more while wearing the new Pampers. And after noticing the Sesame Street characters had been replaced with generic cameras and paper airplanes, she thought she was sold a cheap knock-off diaper.

“I thought this could be something made in China — like something you’d buy at the dollar store. I mean, who puts a camera on a diaper?”