An electrician is being credited with saving his coworker’s life after an accident involving an underground high-voltage power line in Phoenix.

According to firefighters, Brandon Moore was jack-hammering in a trench when he hit the line. The shock rendered him unconscious and left him with a lump of chewing tobacco lodged in his throat.

But lucky for Moore, another man with first-aid skills was coming to help.

“Time slowed down,” said Joseph “JoJo” Thompson, an electrician with Corbins Electric.

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The former professional cage fighter and competitive jet skier says one of his employees had come to him, saying that someone was having heart trouble.

“That they were dying, pretty much,” Thompson said.

Thompson says he checked Moore’s pulse for four seconds.

“I got nothing out of him,” Thompson said. “He was dead.”

But Moore had also swallowed chewing tobacco, and Thompson needed to clear his airway before starting CPR.

“I hit him hard [in the back] and all of a sudden chew came out of his mouth, and when I hit him that hard, I guess I jolted his heart, too,” Thompson said.

The firefighters who responded say Moore was lucky Thompson was there.

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“The actions of this man certainly saved this young man’s life,” said Phoenix Fire Capt. Tom Hudson.

The shock might have given Moore a condition known as “heart arrhythmia.”

“We don’t know that for sure,” Hudson said. “But if that was the case, the back blows from this guy could have converted him back into a normal heart rhythm.”

But for Thompson, it was all just in a day’s work.

“You know, you just do your best,” Thompson said. “Do your best to bring ‘em back.”

Friday’s life-saving measures were actually the second time Thompson had to render aid in so many months. He says a month-and-a-half ago he gave CPR to a man who collapsed of a heart attack inside a mini-mart.

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