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These tables and this couple are just too cool!

C + D Industry consists of a beautiful young couple: Chase and Dawn. Chase is the metal worker. Dawn is the wood worker.

C + D Industry began in 2009 when Dawn needed more kitchen storage space and Chase devised a solution from a re-purposed item no longer needed by a neighbor.

Several projects later, one particularly large and weathered beam inspired Dawn to conceptualize a table that combined her love of giving something old a new life and her other hobby of gardening into one very unique table.

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Chase’s ability to fabricate anything and turn a concept into reality was a perfect match to create and construct a unique and one-of-kind Garden Table. After making a few for friends, they made 10 for their own wedding and those all sold to guests!

This is an item made from quality reclaimed, locally sourced wood beams and metal. The design allows for ever-changing ideas for planting and growing. You can put anything from vegetable plants to a beverage cooler down the center of the tables.

Chase and Dawn are proud of the reclaimed history of their tables and are mindful of our planet’s limited resources, and they are thrilled to offer something sturdy and durable that will stand the test of time.

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C + D also incorporates a signature item, a penny, into each table. On a custom order, they will use a penny that will display a special year to that customer. They believe that the penny represents wishes, dreams, prosperity, good fortune, good luck, good health and humble beginnings. Just like pennies, dreams and ideas begin one at a time and before you know it, with one small step taken after the other and with lots of hard work, you can achieve success doing what you are passionate about.

You'll find C + D Industry -- and Chase and Dawn -- at the Maricopa County Home and Garden Show this weekend at the State Fairgrounds.

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