Her goal is to make being active fun for the whole family, and in doing so, this Phoenix-area mom lost 100 pounds.

Meet Hilda Young, the creator of EDM Body Fitness. It's a dance cardio workout inspired by amped-up beats and a party-vibe with electronic dance music.

"The moment I tuned into how I was treating my body everything changed," says Young.


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Young started her journey with 100 pounds to lose. A daunting amount, but with laser focus, she turned her life around.

"It’s been an incredible journey," she says. "I am so grateful that I now help others do the same through being a fitness professional and nutrition coach."

In January 2016, she and fellow mom Vee Mora launched EDM Body Fitness to help others get healthy and lose weight while having fun dancing.

"Whatever I can do to continue to inspire more people to live healthier and get active, I’m all for it," she tells us. "It’s incredible what a shift in your lifestyle can do."

Young explains that EDM Body Fitness is a dynamic approach to getting fit, toning up and boosting energy levels through easy-to-follow progressive dance moves designed for all fitness levels.

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Burning calories to the funky beats requires a full-body workout through choreographed dance, cardio bursts and toning.

No weights or equipment are needed here. All you need is a dance floor, explains Young.

"During our classes, we have a live DJ to give you a bass pumping experience so you easily get lost in the music to the point that you forget you’re working out," she says.

Young says there are no excuses, these dance parties are free.

EDM Body Fitness offers dance party workouts on Thursdays in April at Odysea in the Desert at 6:30 p.m., which are free to attend.

These are themed workouts complete with giveaways and fun. Plus, when she's not grooving to these beats, she's teaching a kids class called Get Moving at the Halle Heart Children’s Museum in Tempe.

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"We make being active fun as a family," she says. "Healthy hearts equals happy hearts."

For more information, or to join the fitness party, visit: www.edmbody.com.

Q & A: Conversation with Hilda Young on losing 100 pounds:

-Can you describe your weight challenge? My weight loss journey began when I was 24 years old after the Dr. informed me that I was borderline Diabetic. Diabetes runs in my family, so I knew I had to make lifestyle changes to not fall into that vicious cycle. This was a huge wake up call for me because I have lost family members to this disease.

-What was the catalyst that got you thinking that you did need a change? Dance and fitness was my vehicle towards the first lifestyle change. This helped give me physical freedom. Being caught up in the 9-5 work schedule, driving home for dinner then sleep until the next morning and do it all over again, I was on auto-loop. Not much activity was happening other than sitting behind a desk, and my eating habits were not the best either.

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-What changes did you make in the beginning? Having lost 100 lbs was not easy and it has been a journey of love, sweat, new beginnings and many tears. My story is a weight loss journey, however the change had to happen in my mind first. I had to 1st make the decision that this type of change was going to give me life again, it was going to provide self-love through self-care. It has been a very emotional journey because I have had to learn to confront emotional past experiences that contributed to my unhealthy weight gain. Self love is important.

-How long did it take you to lose the 100 pounds, and what kept you motivated during that time? Did you have slip ups? And if so, how did you keep from beating yourself up over it? In the beginning, I never imagined I would loose 100 lbs. That number was very scary to me, so I took the challenge and broke it up into smaller goals. Eventually it all added up. It has taken me 10 years to achieve this goal, which is nuts to say because it literally is a decade!!! I had many slip-ups, got caught up in the yo-yo dieting game, I even gave up on myself at times. This led to feelings of discouragement and failure, but I know my journey wasn’t over yet. The moment I hit a wall with my weight loss, I knew another shift in my lifestyle was coming- it was the nutrition portion of it! I learned how to fuel my body with nutrient rich food vs. fooling twitch empty calories, that was my A-HA moment! EVERYTHING CHANGED for the better!

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-One-hundred pounds seems so overwhelming, how did you keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed? I share this with my EDM BODY FITNESS® students who come to me for motivation as they embark their own health and fitness journeys. I say, you are beautiful and you can do this! Your mind will do what you tell it, so build on the mental muscle as well as fitness and nutrition. Make your goals, break them up into smaller realistic goals and tackle them one day at a time. You got this!

-For other women struggling, what advice would you offer? You are beautiful no matter what part of your journey you are in, whether you are just starting, in the middle or have even achieved it. Enjoy the journey and take it all in the good, the bad and the ugly. Take pictures to look back at your non-scale victories, surround yourself with other amazing individuals that will inspire you, push you and keep you accountable. Follow the positive vibes!

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-Can you describe how you and your girlfriend came to create the dance party fitness workout? Does this keep you in check, as much as you’re helping others? EDM BODY FITNESS® was created to give people an outlet to be free on the dance floor. The dance floor is a form of sanctuary for Vee and I. As Moms who are fitness professionals we focused on creating a dance fitness workout where people can be free and let go of everything that life throws at you. For those 55 minutes in class you get to let go, release, smile, make friends and re-energize. No judgments here, only positive vibes. I say if you’re going to workout, you might as well have tons of fun and make it a party!

-What other health/fitness goals are you trying to achieve if any? What’s on the horizon? What’s your hope for the EDM movement? EDM BODY FITNESS® was created in our beautiful state of Arizona in 2016. The EDM FIT BABE community is ever growing. We always applaud them because they are the reason why we continue to create fun fitness events like, Dance Nights at OdySea In The Desert. We are currently preparing for the launch of the EDM BODY FITNESS® Instructor Certification Program, so others can continue to spread positive energy on the dance floor nationwide and oversees. Give yourself permission to do what sets your soul on fire! Believe it, repeat it, do it and own it!

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